Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips

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Ready to eradicate discoloration and enjoy a smile that is bright and white? If you are going to be having your teeth professionally whitened, read this post to learn what you should and shouldn’t do after the procedure to ensure your smile’s beautiful luster is long-lasting.

  1. Limit Stain-Causing Foods
  2. Once you’ve gone to the trouble of having your teeth professionally whitened, it would be unwise to jeopardize the results by indulging in a diet full of foods and drinks that will just yellow your teeth again. Foods and drinks to limit include highly pigmented and acidic foods such as wine, coffee, tomato products, and balsamic vinegar. Can’t live without your coffee? Switch to iced coffee and use a straw to reduce contact with your teeth.

  3. Don’t Use Tobacco Products
  4. Speaking of discoloration, tobacco products are a key culprit for staining. They cast a yellow tinge on the teeth. If you need another reason to quit smoking or chewing tobacco, do it to preserve your sparkling new smile.

  5. Maintain Preventive Oral Care
  6. Just because your freshly brightened smile looks healthy doesn’t mean superb oral health is a given. It still takes daily effort and care to maintain the health of your smile, same as before! If you’ve let up on your oral care, let your brand new smile be your motivation to recommit. Gently brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste twice a day for two minutes each time, brush your tongue every day, and floss at least once a day. Additionally, keep up with your routine dental cleanings and exams twice per year.

Professional Teeth Whitening at Precision Facial Esthetics

If you’re ready to completely refresh your smile, or need a touch-up, look no further than Precision Facial Esthetics. We offer one-visit whitening and custom take-home whitening trays. Come on in for a consultation and we’ll help you choose the method that will best enhance your smile.

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